I won the Google Code-in 2019 contest with Wikimedia about four months ago. Some days ago it was announced that it was the last Google Code-in after 10 editions. It’s very sad, one of the largest Google contest is over.

The usual price for winners is a four-day trip with a parent to Google’s headquarters in San Francisco, California, but, like everything in this year, it was cancelled very early 😟. They give us an alternative price, but nothing compared to a free trip to one of my favorites places. Fortunately, we could get the usual trophy that is usually given in SF with some Google merch, like tshirts, jackets and the usual stickers.

During the contest I worked in different tasks with a mentor who provided guidance and help if needed. The purpose of the contest is to introduce young people (ages 13-17) in the open source software development world, with the collaboration of open source (and free software) organizations.